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Kaiculina Catering was started after the culmination of many years at the helm of Belly Food Services. We at Kaiculina Catering are extremely excited about the future and look to our continued success carrying forward from BFS.


We care about the people we bring together, and relationships we build to create the most innovative, industry forefront events we can manifest.We care about the delivery of premium, seasonal local produce and ensure we deliver this by supporting and nurturing close relationships with local suppliers and growers.We care about the environment and reducing our carbon footprint where possible.We care about our team. We see it as a family and are proud of every member we put before you.We care about you, our client, and making the journey to your dream event, a journey and not a process…and then exceeding your expectations.


Kelly Tindal was born in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea in the islands of the South Pacific. He lived and was culinary trained throughout Australia, working at 5 star hotels from Cairns and the Island Resorts, all the way along the east coast to Sydney and Melbourne for 14 years until he immigrated to Canada in 1990.He continued plying his craft in Canada, notably for 11 years at Canadian Mountain Holidays, a heli skiing and hiking company providing an intimate culinary experience to exclusive clientele.


This eventually led to Kelly exercising his passion for the culinary arts to the feature film industry where he was personal chef to many well known celebrities and crew. After 4 years as chef at the renowned “Castle in the Rockies, “Banff Springs Hotel Golf Club and 7 years as Operating partner at Belly Food Services, Kelly established Kaiculina Catering, where his endless enthusiasm for fresh contemporary food of the future encompasses his passion as a food stylist and consultant.


Kelly continues to live in Banff, Alberta with his lovely wife Michelle and their daughter Mackenzie.


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